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Taylor Prunes 100g
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Taylor Prunes 100g

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60 packs x 100g

Taylor Brothers Farm – 100 Years of Family Tradition

Since the Taylors began farming in 1916, Taylor Brothers Farm has been farming in Yuba City, California, for the past three generations – 100 years of family tradition. Taylor is the biggest organic prune cultivator in USA, accounting for 70% of organic prunes in the nation since they adopted the organic farming technique in 1989.

The special technique of Taylor’s technique – Prunes are as harvested as late when flavor is at its peak! Taylor Prunes are 100% California Prunes, naturally sweet with no added sugar in it.

Prune is a SUPER FRUIT!

Prunes is highly recognized as a SUPER FRUIT because it is nutritional in addition to its excellent taste. It is high in dietary fibre (12 times more than that of an apple), contains Iron & Potassium (8 times more than that of an apple) and is a source of antioxidant. Prunes also have a low Glycemic Index* of only 29. Low GI foods, ranking 55 or under, absorb at a much slower rate and have a far less dramatic effect on your blood sugar.